Game Freak Isnt Reusing 3DS Models In Pokémon Sword and Shield


Earlier this month, there was a theory the Japanese developer Game Freak was “recycling” 3DS models and animations in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Despite producer Junichi Masuda explaining how the limited Pokédex was tied to “higher quality” animations – when footage comparing the past and present pocket monster games emerged online, trainers worldwide began to question his previous statement.

Now, though, a translated Famitsu interview has reportedly set the record straight. As explained over on the Pokémon subreddit, Game Freak had to rebuild the models from scratch, even if the animations still resemble the ones featured in existing games.

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In the same translated interview, Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori reiterated how the decision to limit the Pokédex would have happened sooner or later, as it was already difficult enough to migrate the full Pokédex to Sun and Moon on 3DS.

Any Pokémon that miss out on a trip to the Galar region are expected to reappear in future entries.

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